Our Triple Bottom Line

We follow a triple bottom line approach to sustainability, focusing on the three P’s of People, Planet and Prosperity.

Supporting Our Employees


We understand that we can’t have a successful business without making our people successful, in all aspects of their lives. Our goal is to provide professional development opportunities for our employees, training them for both their current career and their future goals.

Saving Our Planet


The transportation industry represents the largest segment of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States today, which means we have the biggest opportunities to make an impact through smart, fuel-efficient policies.

  • No-Idling. We maintain a no-idling policy for our trucks to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Electrified Forklift Fleet. We’ve replaced our traditional propane forklifts with electric models.
  • Solar Power. In the spring of 2023, we covered our main building with solar panels to provide our operations (and eventually our community) with clean, sustainable energy.

Engaging Our Community


Our community engagement efforts include charity support and volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the South Haven Chamber of Commerce.

Habitat for Humanity

Andy Ellison’s support for Habitat for Humanity began as a program director between the Lakeshore branch and a local social organization, coordinating volunteer outings. South Haven Finishing, Phoenix Logistics and the Ellison family personally volunteer their time building homes in the community.

The Wounded Warrior Project

Phoenix Logistics provides monetary donations to to The Wounded Warrior Project. We are always on the lookout for local volunteer opportunities and ways to support the program’s veterans in their employment needs.

South Haven Chamber of Commerce

We partner with the South Haven Chamber of Commerce to identify and support individuals in our community who need employment help, offering jobs to those in need who may be a good match for our organization. We also look for ways to help the chamber with training, experience, and opportunities for people in the community who might otherwise struggle in the job market.

Sustainability Goals

Phoenix Recycling Policy

We’re planning on setting up a recycling program as the company continues to grow in operations and employees. The program will tie into our namesake, giving “new life” to old materials.

Our 5-Year Vision

Our five-year vision is to have at least one electric truck supported by the solar panels on our building.

“We’re seeing considerable progress in the commercial vehicle alternative energy options, with electric semis that can hold 80,000 pounds while still accelerating at typical speeds. With GPS and AI driving assistance, we’re hoping to expand into this cleaner, safer trucking industry.” – President & CEO, Andy Ellison

Our 10-Year Vision

Our long-term vision is to generate enough alternative power to sell it back to the South Haven grid and our immediate community. This is part of a new concept called a shared electrical grid that President & CEO Andy Ellison is championing to local solar companies.

In a shared electrical grid, participants possess the harnessing and battery capabilities to store considerable energy, dispersing the power to whoever needs it, when they need it. This concept was designed to prevent grid blow outs and provide sustainable power.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about our sustainability practices and goals? Give us a call at 269-637-2047 or send us a message.