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About Phoenix

Since the early 2000s, South Having Finishing CEO Andy Ellison recognized the growing need for better distribution and logistics between his own company, clients and suppliers. Short-haul and last-mile freight represents an important but underserved logistical need for our region. In 2022, Andy launched Phoenix Logistics to provide a cost-efficient, quality solution to help local businesses find a reliable partner to help them grow.

“We wanted to provide a locally focused, cost-efficient logistics solution so our partners could get what they need from their suppliers and to their customers with ease. And that’s how Phoenix Logistics was born.”

– Andy Ellison, President & CEO of South Haven Finishing and Phoenix Logistics

Our History

Honoring Our Roots

South Haven Finishing


Ottawa Polishing and Buffing begins operating in Borculo, MI as a high-level polish and buff company, owned by Wes Snyder.


Eric R. Ellison buys the company and moves operations to South Haven to be closer to their largest customers and to take advantage of the growing central hub. The company is rebranded as South Haven Finishing.


Eric A. Ellison (Andy) joins his father at South Haven Finishing as a Quality Manager.


Andy Ellison becomes President & CEO of South Haven Finishing, supported by Production Manager Dale Snyder, son of the original founder.


November 2nd: Andy Ellison creates Phoenix Logistics to solve their clients’ logistical needs.

Our Ties to the Community

“This city has always had our backs, and we have amazing partners here both in business and in the community as a whole. South Haven is a great community and a great place to have a business and that’s why I can’t imagine ever leaving.”
– Andy Ellison

Both South Haven Finishing and Phoenix Logistics have deep ties to the area, with a well-established track record of trust and quality. We are also involved in several community engagement efforts as both South Haven Finishing and Phoenix Logistics.

About President & CEO Andy Ellison

Andy Ellison started working for his father as a teenager, polishing and buffing during the summers. When he graduated from Western Michigan with a degree in Economics, he and his wife, Jennifer, moved to Atlanta where he worked for Sprint Corp in the finance department. Returning to Michigan to raise a family in 1997, Andy accepted a position at Rutherford and Associates as a technical support specialist and consultant. For five years he gained experience in communicating technical information to non-tech business owners.

In 2002, Andy joined his father at South Haven Finishing as a Quality Manager being groomed to take over the business, which he did in 2007. And in 2022, Andy founded Phoenix Logistics with only a single truck ‘borrowed’ from South Haven Finishing.

Andy lives and works in South Haven, MI, where he enjoys boating, mountain biking, snowboarding, craft beer, and spending time with family.

Our Focuses

Locally Focused for Quality Service & Swift Results

We started this business to help our clients get the materials they need from their suppliers so that they can deliver their products in a timely manner. As such, we focus on short-haul routes and last-mile transportation so we can serve our clients and community with quality service and prompt delivery times.

Top-Notch Customer Service Through Direct Communication

We’re here when you need us. If we have any questions about how best to serve your logistics needs, we’ll pick up the phone and call you because we know that you’re busy and your time and shipments are valuable.

Efficient & Reliable Solutions

If there’s a problem that needs to be addressed before we can complete your shipment, we come to you with solutions, not excuses. Our solutions are tailored to each individual customer, with the option to choose whichever best fits your needs.

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