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Short-Haul Trucking
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Short-Haul Trucking Services

Phoenix Logistics is your one stop for full-service logistical solutions. We focus on local, short-haul routes and last-mile transportation for manufacturing and industrial companies and provide the service and technology you need to reach success. We empower our drivers with new technologies and quality equipment to provide on-time delivery and optimal customer service.


Your truck, your schedule. Book the full truck for full control.

Advantage:  Full control of scheduling and delivery, plus all the space you need.

Ideal for:  Freight that requires a full trailer, or has special shipping needs.


Don’t need a full truck? Share the space and the cost with other shippers.

Advantage:  Only pay for the space you need, and decrease your carbon footprint.

Ideal for:  Freight under 20,000 that does not require a full trailer.

Expedited Loads

Get your shipment where it needs to go, when you need it most.

Advantage:  Guaranteed on-time delivery with no wasted time.

Ideal for:  Time sensitive deliveries due to perishable items or tight schedules.

Our Service Area

Our service area includes west and southeast Michigan (up to Detroit Metro area), Indiana, Illinois (up to Chicago Metro area), and Ohio.

Why Phoenix

Locally Owned & Operated

Quick Turnaround Times

Competitive Pricing

Excellent Service

Trusted in the Community

Small, Local, Safe

Come Drive with Us

Hit the Open Road

There are benefits to being a short-haul driver with Phoenix Logistics that you won’t find at larger or long-haul logistics companies. Check out the difference on our Careers page.

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